Live Power Outage Map

Live Power Outage Map

To report an outage, call 1-877-428-6004

When the power goes out, all our efforts are focused on restoring your service safely and as quickly as possible.

This site shows information on outages affecting more than 100 customers as well as outages impacting a majority of a service area. Some partial or individual outages may not be shown on this map. If you are experiencing a power outage at your home or business, please call 1-877-428-6004 to receive additional information such as cause, dispatch information and estimated restoration time.

While NS Power updates online outage reports as quickly as possible, not all outages may be listed and Estimated Restoration Times (ERT) are subject to change.


Detailed Provincial Overview

Service Area (All or part of) Time of Occurrence Customers
Restoration Time
Aberdeen Rd above North St, Glen Allen subdivision including MacNeil, Hirtle, Streatch, Miller, Mayfair and surrounding side streets. 3:56 PM, May.28, 2016 353 6:00 PM, May.28, 2016 Transmission Interruption
Gold River, Western Shore, Martins Pt, Martins River, Indian Pt end of Oakland Rd, Indian Pt and surrounding areas 3:56 PM, May.28, 2016 43 6:00 PM, May.28, 2016 Transmission Interruption
Harold Whynot Rd, Craig Chandler Dr, Pine Grove Rd, Delcon Ave, Robarts Ave, Whitley Dr, White Ave, Jenny Dr, Damara Dr, Charlie Lane, Dawson Heights, Lohnes Dr, Fessie Lane, Sunset Crest Rd, Jippie Ave, Billie Lane, Dauphinee Rd, New Pine Grove including the Walmart and Canadian Tire stores, up the # 10 Highway to just before the Mossman Stn Rd, Rhodenizer Rd including the RCMP depot at the intersection of the #10 Hwy and Cook Rd 3:56 PM, May.28, 2016 317 6:00 PM, May.28, 2016 Transmission Interruption
Naugler Rd, Maitland, Maitland end of Mullock Rd, Hirtle Rd, Blockhouse, Aulenback Point, Sweetland, Woodstock Rd, Clearland, and Mahone Bay end of the Oakland Rd and surround areas. 3:56 PM, May.28, 2016 1158 6:00 PM, May.28, 2016 Transmission Interruption
Oakhill Rd, Dayspring, Upper LaHave, Crouse's Settlement Rd, Rhodes Corner, and the lower end of LaHave St from the town limits to Appleberry Market 3:56 PM, May.28, 2016 1217 6:00 PM, May.28, 2016 Transmission Interruption

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Current total as of 4:59 PM, May.28, 2016: 3088 customers are without power